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6 Steps to a Memorable Honeymoon

Honeymoon couple going for a horse ride on the beachYour honeymoon is the one thing that you will most likely be looking forward to the most after all the effort put in of planning your wedding. It’s the time that you and your partner don’t have to worry about your everyday life and escape to create your own adventure and fantasy.


Step 1 - Packing

You should start with the basics. Make a checklist to ensure that you will not forget any of your must have items. Pack your bags accordingly and tick off the list as you go along.

Step 2 – Destination

Make all the necessary arrangements for your accommodation, transportation and tours. Keep all your important documents in a safe place that is easy accessible. This includes your Visas, driver’s licences, flight tickets, bus tickets, accommodation confirmation and/or car rental confirmation. 

Step 3 – Fun Activities

If you go to a new and unknown destination make sure to book yourself some fun activities that you and your partner can do together like sight-seeing, or if you are more of an adrenaline junkie go do some extreme adventurous activities like shark cage diving, sky diving or even rock climbing, depending on where you are and what activities are offered.

Step 4 – Communication and Understanding

Even thought you and your partner may be in a new and different environment with many different activities to do, do not forget to pay attention to each other. Stay in communication and also use this opportunity to learn new things about the person you just committed your life to.

Step 5 – Alone time / night time

Your honeymoon  is a romantic get-away, so make sure to do something to keep this special time intimate and sexy.  There are many different ways to go about doing this. Turn your regular bath time ritual into a sensual experience with our selection of lovely scented candles and bath products. Or leave your ‘ouma’ panties at home and pack some sexy lingerie. There is also a special selection of items for the more playful type.

Step 6 – Back to reality

Don’t let the fun and adventure end on the last day of your honeymoon. Always be full of surprises and try new things that you would not have done in the past, like glow in the dark lipstick, glow in the dark massage oil or even glow in the dark condoms. You can always have a look on our website to see whats on special Who knows what new adventures you may discover...

Don’t let the flame burn out just because you go back home and get stuck in your daily routine. Whenever you feel like the spark is fading remember good communication goes a long way and as for the rest we have plenty of helpful tips in our blog.     

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