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Applying iron on prints

Elly Elly Nice has a selection of fun iron on prints. You can easily apply them to any shirt, pants or bag. The transfers use a specialink. They will trasfer onto 100% cotton fabric and will also work on Polyester and poly/cottons.

All you'll need is one or more of our fun iron on prints, a clothing item of your choice and a hot iron. Follow these easy steps to give your old items some new life!


Place printed side down onto fabric (we recommend prewashing your fabric to remove any chemicals)


Press firmly with dry iron for 5-10seconds. A hard or firm surface is best. If your ironing board is soft use a thin towel on a hard bench surface or similar.
Do not slide iron, lift gently and reposition. (hold down one corner with a finger when you lift) Sliding will slightly move your transfer sheet and make your lines thicker or even blurred.
Lift corner of paper to check before removing transfer sheet from material.

Important info:

Ink may wash out of 100% cotton fabric however we do not guarantee this due to chemicals used in many fabrics, the print may fade with repeated washings so follow the process carefully so that your lines will be as thin as the originals.
They will be permanent on fabric with any poly or synthetic content.
Remember to have fun and please send us photo's of your creations to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We stock a variety pack with a mix of fun iron on transfers

The pack includes 10 iron on prints including plain, glow in the dark and studded designs
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