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Chocolate is healthy!!!!

Over the years various studies has proven that dark chocolate is not only good for curing or mending a broken heart ,or delicious and sweet, but also extremely healthy. The reson behind this truth is the perfect ingrediant known as cocao. Its also the reason why chocolate is so great tasting and unique.


Chocolate Fun Fact

Did you know that it is because a little cocao bean is packed with healthy chemicals like theobromine and flavonoids which acts as antioxidants. Flavonoids helps to relax blood pressure through the production of nicrit oxide, and it also balances certain hormones in the body. 

It's known to be a solution for certain deseases, in fact, cocoa and chocolate products have been used as medicine in many cultures for centuries. Please remember that not all chocolate is healthy because of the the added sugar, milk and butter, so try stick to the healthier choice, dark chocolate. It's better because it has a content of 70% cocoa. You can only reap from the benefenits if you control yourself, so keep your chocolate intake to the minimum of about 4 choc bars a week.

At Elly Elly NIce we have a selection of choctastic products that can help you and your partner to balance your hormones for hours. Make sure to visit our online store to see what other funtastic products we have to offer or for more information you can contact us.


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