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Elephant G-string in Tin
R 50,16
R 50,16
Glow-in-dark Condom
R 25,00
R 25,00
Soap roses sml
R 18,24
R 18,24
Glow in dark cream
R 22,80
R 22,80


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Elly Elly Nice - How the dream was born

How this idea was inspired

When I, Jeannie, was in High school in 1991 I used to get letters from Jonathan with little cartoon sketch drawings of his favourite animal,elephants, my nickname, nagapie (bush baby), my favourite animal, squirrels and many other really cute pictures. The idea popped into my head 2004 while i was sorting out some of those letters and came across these sketches. I scanned them into my computer, coloured it a bit and printed it onto a shirt. When I showed him the print he asked who did the drawings.

Who does what


Jonathan is the artist, he does all the important parts of drawing and shading and then I add the colour, texture and props.


When did we launch

August 2005 was our launching opportunity and market research for our new range. In 2006 we revamped and brought out a brand new image and range of products. This range is now booming which has broadened our clientele, even further than South Africa.

What do we offer

We stock a wide selection of fun gifts in multiple different categories ranging from candles & bath fizzers to glow in the dark condoms and flavoured lubrication! So whether you plan on surprising a bride to be or just feel like spoiling your beloved, go on you deserve it! 

Where are we situated

We are situated in Limpopo ,our Postal Code is PO Box 390,169 Moose street, Hoedspruit, 1380 Limpopo

Make sure to visit our Online store to browse our caterogies, to see what products we have on special, to read more about us, to contact us or when you are interested to become a Affiliate for EllyEllyNice you can submit in a form online. 


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