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Glow in dark cream
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Bath product gift set
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Naughty Shopping Made Easy

Have you ever felt like buying a naughty gift for your loved one, a friend or even yourself but couldn’t because you are just too shy or incapable of choosing the right one? EllyElly Nice is an online store and we made naughty shopping easy. We offer different categories of products to cater to everybody’s needs and fetishes.

Here is a list of different categories and naughty gifts that you can indulge in:

The Glow-in-the-dark range:

We offer a variety of products in this category like, massage lotion, lubricant, condoms, dice or even lipstick.


We have 2 different types on undies that you can choose from, G-string or Boylegs. We offer all of them with different prints on.


We offer nice chocolate body scrub or butter. We also have delicious chocolate body paint for that sweet time you and you partner has planned.

For the Playful type:

If this is you, we have few things you can consider like, fantasy fur, cuffs or even edible undies..


For the bride we also have a few items to choose from like, a G-string and confetti seal set, Bridal bling and a G-string and Veil set or even Soy Massage Candles big/small for the Honeymoon.

Gift sets

We also offer different types of gift sets. The Bling Bling set, Bath product gift set or the Boyleg, feather and cuff set is only naming a few.

So no matter the occasion for the gift you want to buy, make sure to visit our very affordable online store to get the satisfaction that you need hassle free. 

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